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ultron selfie deluxe flash mit Spiegel

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ultron selfie deluxe flash

Selfie Stick with integrated light spot

Spot On for the selfie deluxe flash: The selfie stick by ultron is a silver bullet against selfies, which are blurred, too dark or done with a bad resolution. There is a light spot on the upper side of the universal holder that ensures, faces are lighted perfectly in the evenings or in a
club. As front cameras are often featured with lower resolutions than the main cameras on back, the smart stick offers an integrated mirror. That enables the user to choose the back camera for selfies and proof and optimize his pose in the mirror. It can be connected to the selfie deluxe flash via stereo jack.

• Extendable from 19,3 to 88 cm
• Light spot with three different light levels for selfies taken in low-light conditions
• Universal holder for smartphones
• Integrated mirror enables to use the main camera on the back for selfies
• Connected via stereo jack with the smartphone





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