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PCI-e Seriell(2x)/Parallel(1x) ultron UIPe-200

  • EUR 49.99*
Artnr: 41779

ultron UIPe-200 PCie to serial adapter

- PCI-e adapter with one 25-pin parallel connection and two 9-pin serial connections

- PCI-e 1.0a standard with up to 2,5 Gbps data transfer

- ECP, EPP and SPP parallel standard with up to 1,5 Mbps data transfer

- 16550 fast UART serial standard with up to 115200bps data transfer


- 24 months warranty


System rquirements: Windows 200 (SP4+), Windows Srever 2003, XP 32/64-bit (SP1+), Vista 32/64-bit

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